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Cleveland Heights mold inspectionsIf you are unfortunate enough to discover a problem with mold growth in your Cleveland Heights home, whether it is in the basement, attic or on the wall of your bedrooms, it is crucial that you deal with the problem as soon as possible. While small areas can be cleaned using bleach, large areas must be professionally assessed and treated by Cleveland Heights mold inspection and remediation experts due to the potential health risks involved.

At M.A.D. Cleaning LLC we provide mold remediation in Cleveland Heights for both residential and commercial properties. We are certified in Cleveland Heights mold inspection for both home and business, and provide a wide range of services using the latest in mold removal technology to ensure your mold problem is completely addressed. From sanitizing and disinfecting affected areas to providing thorough duct cleaning and offering indoor air quality improvement solutions, M.A.D. Cleaning LLC is the name you can trust to take care of your mold problems in Cleveland Heights.

Cleveland Heights Mold Inspections & Duct Cleaning: Dealing with the Mold Problem

In order to determine the type of mold present and what remediation processes need to be employed to restore your property, you will need to hire a professional Cleveland Heights mold inspection company for a mold assessment.

A note of caution: there are numerous “mold inspectors” out there serving the Cleveland Heights area. It is important that you are not tempted to choose one simply because they are “cheap.” This is a potentially serious situation that may affect your health dangerously, so you should really choose the best contractor you can afford that has the proper qualifications. Without proper treatment, the mold problem will return. Then you’ll be out double the money. So take that into consideration when you search for a Cleveland Heights mold inspection and remediation company.

What is Involved in Cleveland Heights Mold Inspections

A Cleveland Heights mold inspection will identify any conditions around your property which will support mold growth as well as pinpointing problem areas, evidence of mold growth, and types of mold. For example water damage, odors and obvious signs of mold growth will come up during the inspection. The Cleveland Heights mold inspector should take the inspection outside and check the exterior of the property as well for obvious signs of water damage, leaks and their sources such as broken pipes, broken gutters or a lack of gutters, cracked brick work and so on.

After the initial visual checks are made, the Cleveland Heights mold inspection company will generally gauge moisture levels present in the walls and air inside the property. The moisture levels are measured at intervals of about two feet and special attention must paid by the Cleveland Heights mold inspector in areas under sinks, around water heaters, and anywhere else there is a water source present. Moisture levels are measured using a special meter which has two small pins which are inserted into the lower part of the wall and will give a reading to show the level of moisture present. The acceptable level is 15% or below.

Should at this point in the Cleveland Heights mold inspection specialist discover wall moisture readings greater than the acceptable target or come across signs of water damage or mold growth he/she should bring them to your attention and possibly discuss whether samples should be taken. However, even assuming there are visible stains from water damage or mold growth, the Cleveland Heights mold inspector will still be unable to give any indication for certain that you have a mold problem which is why sampling is essential.

The sample taken is most likely to be an air sample. By taking air samples during a Cleveland Heights mold inspection it is possible to establish what strain of mold is present in the atmosphere and in what quantities. Where there is visible mold growth samples of this can also be taken allowing the precise type of mold spores to be identified, however this will not determine whether or not these mold spores are in the air of your Cleveland Heights property.

These samples can take 3-4 days to process at a lab. Your Cleveland Heights mold inspection company will provide you with a report as well as a consultation as soon as the results become available. An additional point to be aware of, when it comes to the report following a mold inspection a good mold inspector will not merely send you a copy of the lab report. The Cleveland Heights mold inspection company must able to confidently interpret the results and deliver them together with recommendations to resolve the issue in terms you can understand.

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