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Cleveland Crawl Space MoldAlmost more so than basements, crawl space is a prime spot for mold growth. If your home has a crawl space, be sure to call the Cleveland mold inspection experts at M.A.D. Cleaning LLC to schedule for an inspection. Even if you have a moisture barrier installed to protect your home, it's a toss up as to whether this actually does anything for mold prevention. Be safe, and address the problem immediately with a professional inspection by our Certified Mold Inspectors.

Know there is a mold problem in your crawl space? Contact our Cleveland crawl space mold removal specialists today for complete mold remediation. We'll removal all mold from your home's crawl space and help you determine what can be done to prevent future mold growth in this area of your house.

Crawl Spaces and Mold Problems in Cleveland, OH

If your home in the Cleveland area has a crawl space, this area is more likely than any other in your home to develop mold colonies.  The crawl space under a house provides mold with prime condition for optimum growth. It is a dark, moisture and nutrient rich area filled with dirt, dust, wood and porous stone in which the mold can thrive and spread rapidly, unhindered. Not to mention, the plumbing pipes of many homes in Cleveland are easily accessible through the crawl space. If one of the pipes develops a leak or bursts, the area is surely to develop a mold problem – probably sooner rather than later.

There are several other reasons why Cleveland crawl space mold is so rampant. One being that this area of the house is rarely used or frequented. When was the last time you went poking around in your home’s crawl space? Like any other area of the home, without routine cleaning and maintenance, the crawl space will inevitably develop problems.

Another reason mold develops in the crawl space of homes in Cleveland, OH and the surrounding areas is because this area is typically poorly ventilated. Without proper air flow to dry the crawlspace out, the ground remains moist. Moist areas, as you know, are prone to mold growth.

How To Tell if Your Crawl Space has a Mold Problem

Aside from actually seeing the mold, you can also tell your crawl space may have a mold problem if there is a musty smell about the area. Mold produces an awful, musty odor that should be easy enough to noticed. However, as respiratory problems often go hand-in-hand with mold problems, it would be wiser to contact M.A.D. Cleaning LLC to provide you with a thorough assessment performed by our certified mold inspectors. Our Cleveland mold inspection technicians know how to inspect crawl spaces for mold safely, and we can do a more thorough and efficient job, providing you with a detailed report so you know exactly what’s going on in your crawlspace.

Cleveland Crawl Space Mold Prevention

It is debatable whether or not moisture barriers (also called vapor barriers) are effective in preventing mold from growing in crawl spaces. A plastic moisture barrier should not support mold growth or allow humidity from the ground below from entering into the crawl space. One would think this helps in keeping the crawl space from not only becoming too humid, but by providing extra insulation for the home and discouraging other pests from making their way into the crawl space. Such waterproofing measures can extend to the walls of the crawl space, providing extra protection from moisture and water seepage. This method of mold prevention for crawl spaces has become increasingly popular in the Cleveland area of the last few years, and works to some extent to keep mold from growing in crawl spaces. A reason why moisture barriers may not work adequately enough is that now the mold has a new place to thrive, possibly more so: underneath the barrier that provides the perfect warm, humid setting for growth which may lead to mold spreading into the home in one fashion or another later.

The problem with Cleveland crawl space mold can usually be solved largely in part by incorporating proper ventilation. A clearance of about four to five feet will help reduce mold problems dramatically, especially when vented adequately. If increasing the height of your crawlspace is not an option, be certain to invest in more ventilation. The indoor air quality and Cleveland crawl space mold removal experts at M.A.D. Cleaning LLC can help you determine a course of action that will best address your specific situation.

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