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Cleveland Duct CleaningThink about how much time you spend indoors each day.

Now think about how often your central air conditioning or heating system runs during that time. If you are like the majority of people in Ohio, you probably spend around 90% of your time indoors, whether at work, home, or around town running errands and enjoying leisure time. And for the majority of that time, we’re willing to bet there’s an air conditioner or heating system operating for the majority of it to keep you comfortable.

Now consider this: if your air ducts are infested with mold, your HVAC system is circulating health-hazardous mold spores throughout your property hour after hour. Day after day. And you’re BREATHING this stuff in! Often times for a considerable amount of time! This is a major health concern, and you should contact a Cleveland duct cleaning specialist like M.A.D. Cleaning LLC as soon as possible to get the problem taken care of quickly.

Why Choose M.A.D. Cleaning for Duct Cleaning in Cleveland & the Surrounding Areas

M.A.D. Cleaning LLC has years of experience in the indoor air quality industry, and is a certified mold remediation company. We have helped homeowners and business throughout Ohio with their mold problems, ensuring the health of both residential and commercial property frequenters is protected through our thorough mold cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing services. As a Cleveland mold inspection company, we specialize in mold removal and cleaning. This makes us the optimum choice for this type of duct cleaning because we know exactly what to look for, and what products to use for the best results.

If you need duct cleaning or a mold assessment in Cleveland or any of the surrounding areas of Ohio, give us a call at 419-202-4165 and let our experts improve the quality of air inside your property and put your worries at ease with our mold remediation services.

Air Ducts & Mold Growth – Duct Cleaning in Cleveland, OH

Air ducts are one of the number one places mold thrives inside a building. Unfortunately, this problem may go undetected since ductwork is not something readily visible or routinely inspected unless a problem with the heating or air conditioning system pops up. But even then, it’s rare that a repair technician will actually take a good look inside the air ducts.

If your property has suffered from water damages, flooding, or even just a general bout of “too much humidity” – there’s a good change there is mold growing in the ductwork of your HVAC system.

Why Routine Duct Cleaning is a Good Investment for Your Health & HVAC System

If your air ducts haven't been cleaned recently - or ever - even if you don't have a mold problem, you can almost guarantee your HVAC system is circulating a considerable amount of air pollution. Even if you change the air filters regularly, the air ducts may still be full of air pollution such as dust, pet dander, pollen, carpet fibers, bacteria ... you name it, your ductwork is probably full of it.

Having this type of air pollution circulate throughout your property isn't healthy for you or your HVAC system. Aside from the respiratory problems all this air pollution can cause you, dirty air ducts make the HVAC system a more welcome place for mold to grow, which bring about even more health concerns. Dirty ductwork also makes heating and air conditioning systems operate below optimum performance, limiting energy efficiency and costing you more money on your energy bills.

With so many health issues related to the air we breathe, it's important to keep air ducts clean. One way to ensure your air ducts and vents are providing clean, healthy air rather than air filled with various particles is to invest in regular duct cleaning services. Having your air ducts cleaned once a year is a great way to limit the amount of dust, pollen, pet dander, mold and other "bad stuff" out of your air ducts and vents in Cleveland, OH.

At M.A.D. Cleaning LLC, our Cleveland duct cleaning specialist will make certain your air ducts and vents are properly cleaned and sanitized for optimum results. Our technicians are fully trained and experienced, with access to professional tools and specialized cleaners that target mold. We have years of experience in the indoor air quality industry, and can recommend the best course of action for your property. We carry a wide variety of products to help improve indoor air quality, and we are certified Mold Inspectors. So if you are unsure if your ductwork has mold inside it, don't sit there and wonder: call M.A.D. Cleaning LLC to schedule mold testing with our mold inspection experts.

To learn more about our products and services, or to schedule service with our Cleveland duct cleaning specialists, please call M.A.D. Cleaning today at 419-202-4165.

If you are looking for a Cleveland duct cleaning company then please call M.A.D. Cleaning at 419-202-4165 or complete our online request form.